Music cue sheet socan foundation

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Music cue sheet socan foundation

Music cue sheet socan foundation. E J Smith Music 1 SOCAN 50. Submit to cue SOCAN Once the cue socan sheet is completed send to: music ca If music you have any questions, click sheet on submit to SOCAN please email foundation If foundation you are not using the Music on TV in a Film released commercially in theatres socan you need not read any further.

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I used to be a music editor and have done dozens and dozens of cue sheets. Ignore the spec sheet, this is only important for the Performing Rights organizations, find some sample from ASPAC or BMI, or SOCAN and follow it instead. Please complete this Cue Sheet if your production is scheduled for radio or TV broadcast, or for theatrical release. and Music Publishers of Canada SOCAN Head. A music cue sheet ( MCS) usually refers to the complete list of the music played in a television serie or film. MCS is used by broadcasters ( such as TV and radio stations) to inform Performing Rights Organisations ( PRO), such as ASCAP or BMI for USA, SACEM in France, SOCAN in Canada etc.

music cue sheet socan foundation

about the audio content of the broadcasted program. A cue sheet is a document that contains a detailed listing of each piece of music used in the production, including the names of all composers and publishers, the type of usage of the music ( in the background, as the theme, etc.